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    Euro Placements is a personalized recruitment agency based in Italy and the UK that pairs educational specialists and professionals with parents, schools, and institutions, focusing on bilingualism and multilingualism, all the way from infancy to university entry programs.


    We have been placing Teachers, Tutors, Nannies with Italian schools and private families for the past 25 years. In the last few years we have since expanded our services to the UK, among other European and American countries. Over the years, we have built up a significant database of active customers. Most of our clients return for additional services, demonstrating that we have earned their confidence and trust.


    We would like to discuss what your or your child's needs are and how we might assist. We care a lot about our Tutors, Teachers, and Nannies, so we seek to find the best placement for them as well, making everyone happy.



I am Gianna Taccone and I am the CEO of Euro Placements and Home Placements. In recent years our company has significantly expanded, so we have created a new Home Placements division, which provides services to families that are not only centred on children, such as maternity nurses and nannies, but also qualified personnel for the management of the house and care for other family members. 

My background helps me identify well with families looking to balance and manage the dynamics of a busy lifestyle. I live in a bilingual environment, having a British husband and two children, ages 16 and 13 years old, who are both bilingual and are becoming trilingual. When I initially faced the decision of what language and culture to pass on to my children, I quickly realized that using both English and Italian made for a more dynamic household. Speaking one's native languages to children is ideal.  Children brilliantly adapt to multilingual environments and in a globalized world, it simply makes the most sense. After living my entire life in Italy, I recently moved to Wales, and I now split my time between the UK and Italy. Being a working mom myself, I have a good understanding of many common problems that parents struggle with in today's lifestyle, challenges that require careful balance and management of all parties involved! I bring this sensitivity to my work. 

I have experience working in international corporations like Morgan Stanley and Pirelli. Since my first pregnancy I have been working directly with nannies and teachers, and I have been constantly active within the schooling and educational environment. I have a particular interest in the perspectives of parents on bringing up children bilingually, not forgetting the language acquisition in monolingual children and those with specific language impairment (SPI). 

For both Euro Placements and Home Placements, I focus on building relationships between educators and educational institutions and parents trying to find the best fit for their children's needs-academic, social and emotional. I help parents, students, teachers, and schools connect to focus on bilingualism and multilingualism, from birth all the way to university-entry programs.


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You can contact us at our offices. We are often busy interviewing or with calls.  If we miss your call, we will respond shortly. Also, feel free to contact us by email at info@homeplacements.eu or fill out our Contact Form.

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