Nannies & Mannies, Maternity Nurses and Babysitters

Ensuring your children get the emotional, social, and educational support they need at a young age, our nannies and mannies, our maternity nurses, our babysitters provide the highest level of care and guidance. We can connect you with native English speakers, or you can choose other languages, such as French, Spanish or Italian. While many of our nannies and mannies come from the United States, Canada, the UK, and Australia, others originate from Central and South America, throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia. Each individual offers something unique and rewarding. You decide what is best for your family's needs, and let us introduce to you a great candidate. For this aspect of our agency, we work closely with Euro Placements because they recruit nannies, mannies and maternity nurses primarily focusing on English mother tongue. 


For our candidates

If you feel that you have something positive to add to a home environment, possess the needed credentials and references, then take a look at our current jobs and see if there any that are a good fit for you. Contact us through our contact form and list the jobs that interest you in the description section, include a personal statement, and provide your CV. Once you fill out the contact from, we may contact you. If we have approved your application, you can always respond to our email and list whatever new jobs you become interested in. No need to fill-out the form more than once. We get many applications every day, so wait for us to respond, which we do if you are a strong candidate and will represent Home Placements well. Most of our customers return for additional services, so we take care in fostering good relationships.

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